Here is what our clients are saying.

I like the fact that even my 5 year old can reach the device and operate it, it is so simple & effective!

My son loves to play with the kiddies’ string but luckily no water can be wasted.


Love the DIY retrofit instructions on the website,  my Icy Diverter installation took me literally 15 minutes.

Diverting my cold shower water into a water reservoir at the moment, which I use to top up my drinking water dispenser in my fridge.  Easy!

Amazed how much water you actually collect  and save in one day.  Ashamed to say that it used to go to waste down the drain.


Water preservationI included the Icy Diverter in my newly built home, we’re completely off the grid.

My cold shower water is diverted to my water harvesting tank.

Near 100% water recovery!