How does the Icy Diverter work?

(refer to the video as well)

Are you tired of using a bucket to save the first cold shower water that exits the showerhead when you’ve just opened your hot water tap? … How annoying!!!


You can activate the Icy Diverter by pushing the button manually by hand when it is within reach…

OR if the showerhead is too high to reach, you can activate the Icy Diverter by pulling the kiddies’ string that engages the lever to activate the diverter.

When activated, the first cold shower water will be diverted to the water collecting receptacle through a side outlet.

When de-activated, the water exits the shower head as normal.

Instructions for use.

(refer to the video as well)

  1. Icy diverter activated.
  2. Hot water tap opened.
  3. Cold / first water diverted, Virtually NO water exits the showerhead.
  4. The green temperature indicator shows that the water is still icy cold.  Alternatively, you can also slowly release the kiddies string slightly, so that the water trickles out of the showerhead and feel the temperature by hand.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  5. De-activate the Icy Diverter when the temperature indicator changes colour to a deep red,  the water is now hot >> Hot water exits the showerhead immediately.
  6. Open the cold water tap and mix, shower as normal

Installation instructions

How does it work

Easy DIY installation OR, alternatively, use an approved plumber

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Drought prevention

Tools required for installation

  • Medium Shifting spanner or Water pump pliers
  • Barrel Nipple
  • Hack saw
  • Thread tape or sealer

Please note:
Icy Diverter available in mainly chrome finish, but can be made in black as well (depending on size of order). Ask for a quotation for your individual requirements.

Step by step DIY installation instructions

(refer to video as well)

  • Remove the shower head, shank and wall plate.
  • Preferably use a brass barrel nipple, for extension between the Icy Shower Diverter and the female wall socket.
  • Now, to determine the required length of the barrel nipple …
    • Screw in the barrel nipple into wall socket and fit wall plate temporarily.
    • Then, using the Icy Diverter as a guide, determine the position it will be in after final installation, where the kiddies lever moves freely without touching the wall.
    • At this position, the barrel nipple is marked. TipRather cut too long, than too short
    • Remove wall plate and barrel nipple.
    • Cut the barrel nipple to the marked length.
    • It is important to correct the thread of the barrel nipple, to ensure that it screws in easily, without damaging the thread of the Icy Diverter.
    • A thread corrector has been included in the Icy Diverter package.
  • Apply thread tape to both ends of the barrel nipple
  • Screw in barrel nipple tightly
  • Refit wall plate. Open cold water tap slowly, so that all the dirt in the plumbing can be flushed out.
  • Screw in diverter clockwise until it rests in a vertical position.
  • Apply thread tape to the shower head shank and screw into diverter by hand until in correct position.
  • You can choose to install your diverter with the kiddies string and lever, OR without.
  • On the side of the diverter there is an outlet that leads to the water storage / savings receptacle of your choice.
  • You can install your own system as desired.
  • Ask an approved plumber for advice, if required.