1. Affordable and simple system diverting and saving potable water.
  2. The heat indicator AT THE POINT OF USE ensures near 100% water recovery.
  3. User friendly
  4. Icy Diverter with kiddies string is within reach of children or disabled persons.
  5. Manually operated one step system (No electricity required to operate the Icy Diverter, this means no ongoing costs, no delayed reactions, no new wiring to new locations, no wastage of energy from pumps or heat loss in recirculating pipes, uses no additional electrical devices in the form of pumps, thermostats, elements, solenoids, timers or the like. It only requires some plumbing for the installation and is sustainable.)
  6. Once the Icy Diverter is fully installed, you only need to push one button, that is it!
  1. As you know, the recommended shower time is only 2 min during water restrictions.  With the Icy Diverter you can utilize the FULL 2 min by showering in HOT WATER from the FIRST DROP exiting the shower / tap, WASTING NO TIME, & NO WATER !!!!!


  1. Manufactured in an ISO 9001 accredited facility according to the highest quality and safety standards.
  2. Every unit is QC tested before sale to ensure customer satisfaction.
  3. Our own / UNIQUE patented design, manufactured and patented in South Africa!
  4. The Icy Diverter is compact, simple, light weight, but made with super strong material!
  5. Is suitable for retrofit in existing shower plumbing OR new installation in new buildings
  6. Compliments or supplements other versatile water saving options / products / systems for your household.
  7. Usable with any hot water system in any location.
  8. Usable with old, existing and / or the latest new tap ware.


The Icy Diverter will save you potable water, that you have already paid, that would have been wasted down the drain. 

The Icy Diverter will save this potable water EVERY DAY, with EVERY SHOWER, for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

That means saving you MONEY, but also ultimately doing your bit to CONSERVE WATER and the environment!

No more FREEZING showers!

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